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The Camper Pit

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Say hello to the next step up from the Trail Pit. This pit is 22% bigger than our small trail pit which makes it the perfect size for making s'mores with the family. It weights about 45 pounds (without grill) making it only 12 pounds heavier than our Small Trail Pit. The standing size of the Medium Trail Pit is 32" X 24" X 22". Now with the new drop in grill you can have the convenience of grilling just like our Small Trail Pit has. IF YOU WISH TO HAVE A FULL SIZED GRILL TOP CONTACT US FOR PRICING. NOTICE: THE BLACK FINISH ON THE FIRE PITS WILL BUBBLE AND FLAKE OFF ONCE IT REACHES 400 DEGREES. WE PUT THIS FINSH ON FOR INITAL STYLE AND TO TEMPORARILY PROTECT FROM RUST.